Sunday, November 05, 2006

Forward progress at last!

Further tests have been carried out, courtesy of the Withy Grove Junction Railway (see links). Ian has a similar locomotive to the H&DLR's Brunig rack loco, and he also has several different transformer/controllers. So we were able to prove that my Brunig loco works fine, but the small LGB controller is nowhere near sufficiently powerful to drive a rack loco, even light engine and on the flat. Ian has kindly loaned the H&DLR a slightly more powerful controller, and further tests this afternoon proved that this controller delivers enough power for the rack loco to operate properly. In other news, as they say, we also established that the bogie DR coach, newly equiped with an improved lighting system, negotiates the rack line with ease. Didn't expect this - it is quite a long vehicle with a substantial overhang at the ends. I thought that the bogie or coupling, possibly both, would foul. However, it runs up and down the line with no problems... and looks nice with the Brunig loco. The photo is of the DR coach in service at Forsythia Junction on the old line... more photos of the new line will follow, daylight etc permitting!