Monday, December 11, 2006

Latest updates...

LGB's new style (read: feeble) 1 amp controller has been returned to the Withy Grove Junction. The Withy Grove Junction kindly loaned the H&DLR a replacement, and now the Greenwood Valley Railway has come up trumps with a spare old style LGB controller, which although nominally only a 1 amp beastie, packs enough punch to drive a Brunig rack loco. It has yet to be tested outdoors (always keep mains power inside, boys and girls!) but, extension cables permitting, should be tested when we get some sunny or at least dry weather.

On a different note, but also related to an earlier post, the Zillertal beer coach now boasts lighting in the bar area, and the bar has been equipped with a crate of beer. Not really enough beer for a long journey, but it's a start! More detailing work to follow.

In the short term, boring stuff like work, weather and hibernating hedgehogs have all intervened to reduce the already snail's pace of progress to an almost complete halt.