Monday, February 19, 2007

Sheds galore

Having gone from a garden with three stone sheds (if you count the coal shed!) plus a wooden shed to a garden with just one run down shed with a leaky roof,sorting out the shed has been an important goal. We're not there yet, but we do now have planning permission for the renovation and extension of the old stone shed (see photo - yes, that is a window on the right, instead of a door, and I've got the bruises on my head to prove how low it is). We also have a new wooden shed, so the next job is to empty the contents of the stone shed into the wooden shed, so that the stone shed can be renovated. This will be harder than it appears... remember those four sheds in the old garden... the contents of which were all stuffed into the one shed in the new garden... still, it will be good to clear out the rubbish, I'm sure. All things being equal, renovations will start in about three or four weeks time. The H&DLR may have a home of its own by the summer!