Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Moving down the garden

The railway is now extending its reach down the left hand side of the garden. This side of the garden is as much as 2 feet lower than the line on the right hand side of the garden. On the right hand side of the garden, it was possible to cut the track bed into the bank side, as you'll see from some of the more scenic pictures posted previously. This allowed us to integrate it to some extent with the garden; not so on the left hand side. The slightly harsh appearance of the boards will be softened by growing shrubs against the edges and hiding the posts in due course.

The first picture shows the line curving round a birch tree as it comes off the steps that lead down into the garden. The next shot shows the route coming round the back of the flower bed/eventual shrub garden.

Finally, the photo below shows the extent of the main station area which has three tracks through it. At the far end of the station, the track heads out towards the bottom of the garden. Extension down here will have to wait until work on the shed is completed (we're very nearly there!) and we've decided how to run along the bottom of the garden - again, we've nearly worked that one out, but there's a load of old timber and a felled ash tree in the way, which will have to be sorted out first.

Although we're still quite some distance from getting all the way round, we're a good half way there now and with ideas of how we want to fill in the other half.