Monday, June 18, 2007

Slow progress... but progress, nonetheless

The construction work on the shed is all but complete now. The exterior is finished, and on the inside we should soon have a new fuse board and then the electricity can be reconnected. The next stage is to built a bench/deck to support the track through the shed, and the materials for this are on site. I just have to work up the enthusiasm for the woodwork required! On the motive power front, radio control has been removed from 298.56 as repeated attempts to have a defective battery repaired by the supplier were unsuccessful. The equipment, with a new battery pack from a different supplier, has been installed in a van, which can power any one of four locos. Finally, for now, the rack locomotive is capable of running off track power or battery power, as I've fitted it with a DPDT switch to allow power to be supplied from either source without feeding back to where it shouldn't. All adds to the eventual operational flexibility when we've got a circuit - though that appears to still be a few months off.