Sunday, September 02, 2007

Another new (old) engine

Acquired second hand, the H&DLR recently took delivery of a class 2095 locomotive. This example has had a hard life, and is almost certainly over 20 years old. On inspection, various wires were broken, most of the pickups had worn out to the extent that some were completely missing, and all wheels are down to the brass under the plating. The two motor bogies have been stripped down and thoroughly cleaned, and new pickups have been fitted. Damaged wiring has been repaired, and a couple of pickup contacts have been reamed out so that they once again allow the brushes to make contact with the motor. It now seems to run well, although further tests are needed to confirm that the motors themselves are still serviceable. However, preliminary tests suggest that the current draw appears to be ok on the simplistic basis that it didn't trip out a 1 amp controller on the Lazy Grange Bay, and the motors do not appear to be running warm.

The body work also requires repairs. I've fought shy of completely stripping the old paint work, as I have some red paint that is very close in shade to the original LGB colour. The plan is to touch in where necessary and then spray over with a satin varnish. Hopefully this will leave everything looking equally glossy or otherwise. The vendor managed to locate the windows that he had removed, and these will be restored to their proper location in due course.