Sunday, April 06, 2008

ÖBB flat car modification

The ÖBB have quite a few bogie flat wagons, to a 1940's design. Some of these have been modified over the years with the removal of the brakeman's cabin, and, in some cases, a wider deck. The H&DLR decided to take a standard LGB wagon, and replace the brakeman's cabin with the open style more commonly seen today.

First, remove the brakeman's cabin. Fairly straightforward - unscrew the cabin from the end wall, and unscrew the deck from the chassis. Then build a new end rail/stanchion assembly, together with some in fill decking to cover the area where the cabin stood.

Spray the whole lot a suitable brown, and varnish to match the LGB colours... Humbrol 160, if you're interested.

Fix to the wagon in place of the original, and you have a variation on the standard LGB theme for a few hours work.