Friday, May 30, 2008

Newly lettered rolling stock

Just been re-decalling a couple of pieces of stock. First up was a box van, purchased second hand at G Rail last month. It's been repainted into ÖBB brown and then lettered in ÖBB style. Next up is a Heeresfeldbahn HF 110 C, from which the original lettering had been removed by the previous owner. This too has emerged in ÖBB livery, as no. 798.03. The original locomotive was allocated to the Steyrtalbahn after the Second World War but was scrapped in 1956. On the H&DLR, which draws much of its inspiration and rolling stock from the now preserved Steyrtalbahn, 798.03 runs again. I'm doing the same for a friend's loco, but as Deutsche Reichsbahn 994652 - photos to follow. The waterslide transfers are from Herr Tröger in Germany.